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Electro Training and servicing Institute is a private organization and is known by the name of ETASI. ETASI is an integrated unit of ETASI group. ETASI group deals in various aspects of IT related services like Education, Web Development, IT Importer, Distributer & IT Services. The ETASI Group Board of Directors is industry specialists that assist in the strategic planning and direction of modern technology. ETASI is academy of advance Technology. ETASI have been successfully providing training for the 15 years in Electronics and Computer Science during the period of 1986-2002. In 1991 ETASI was given the responsibility paper writing service of giving training to the rural youth for self employment by the Department of Rural Development under Govt. of India. This scheme was called by the name of TRYSEM. Under the scheme we trained about 1500 students. This Scheme plays pivotal role in rural India, especially for the betterment of youth through education and skills training, In between 1991-1994. ETASI has already trained 5785+ Students Capable of Self employment, they are well established now and are bringing credit to themselves & ETASI. During this phase, ETASI had been successful in carving its goodwill in the industry. The goodwill is not only because ETASI provides skilled manpower in the areas of Electronics , Computer hardware, networking, database management, security and storage management, but also because the students are taught the latest technology advancements in the industry. This is coupled with hands-on lab sessions where in the students are faced with simulations of live situations that may arise on a day to day level in organizations. Due to the non concentrated behaviour of the students after 2003 towards our sincere efforts, real study & practical, we had left the process .That time thinking of majority people is just to have certificates and degree in their hands, they have nothing concerned with skill they are getting.

        From the last few years we feel that people realized it is useless to have degrees unless they are skilled or have real understanding for the same so the company is planning to continue its aggressive growth rate by adding new courses to its product portfolio and increasing its market penetration by enhanced geographical. In 2014 with the demand of students & professionals ETASI one of the most innovative, dynamic and vibrant campus with a dream to provide computer education to every citizen irrespective of caste, creed and economic background, is back with new courses & industrial project training. Corporate culture in service industry demands highly skilled professionals with HARDWARE EXPERT practices and certified IT courses. Training institution, International certification bureau, Technology researchers & vendors need to work more closely to meet up the need of Industry specific IT workforce. ETASI conducts globally recognized international certification training program in Robotics Technology, CNC Automation, Hardware Experts [like master of Laptop, printer, Main board, Display unit & Optical unit and our other regular courses. For Fresher, Diploma & Degree holders: 1week/month, 6weeks/months and 120 hours Project Training. For Degree, Master degree students: 6 month industrial Project Training. Our Trainers travel across the Globe for imparting training to clients in many countries on the latest technologies. Thus ETASI has contributed to the tremendous ‘Good will’ to Indian I.T services industry in its own way by training the employees of many corporate clients in various countries. Apart from visits for training our clients, our Trainers also travel frequently to undergo hands-on experience on the upgrade in an existing technology, by working with the development & implementation teams of our principal education partners. We are committed to developing individuals like you into complete professionals.

We give almost care to develop over all personality of the students.

It is important to become good human being first and an excellent professional next.

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  • C Category Branch - Tehsil (67)
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