Director’s Message

Dear Visitors/Learners,

                                    Welcome to ETASI. I am thankful to you for the interest shown by you in our organization. It may be the key that opens the door to a lifetime possibilities for growth and services. How well it turns out for you will rely primarily on the efforts you invest & nurture in your own intellectual and professional development. Invest wisely and be assured that ETASI faculty and staff ensure their best efforts in helping you realize your educational goals. Developing skills and attitude not only requires dedication and hard work on the part of students, but also proper guidance and training from mentor.
                                    At ETASI, We believe only a well disciplined, value added to students to become the high profiled professionals who can achieve the avowed objective of our great president Hon’ble Abdul Kalam to make our country “SUPER POWER”. We firmly believe that you will become involved in ETASI campus life and that you will also make some commitment to serve your community development, the effort can be educationally rewarding and personally fulfilling.
                            We are pleased to acknowledge your interest in ETASI Group. we faster the growth of innovative professionals & engineers who, hold the trust and confidence of community at large . We want ETASI Group to be the dream of every soul that wants to experience true enlightenment & exposure excellence.
                            Finally I sum up by saying that our main objective is to model this establishment as a center of excellence for the students wishing to choose their career path in electronics and computer science.

With Best Wishes