Why Etasi

Actually why ETASI? Is a wrong question, in today’s IT environment the question must be why not ETASI?

  • Good quality education is always in great demand. In today’s competitive world, competitive exams play a very important role in the life of students as well as parents to make these things easier ETASI is here.
  • The objective of the ETASI is to bridge the gap between college and career by this we mean to giving the practical and essential knowledge of courses, diploma & degree which are just a piece of paper without having practical knowledge . Now a day’s students having high qualified degrees and diploma are jobless or seeking job why? According to them they deserve a good job, high salary but they get nothing the only reason behind it is lacking of practical work, knowledge of realistic things. We ensure you to provide that practical work, knowledge of realistic things with easy module and syllabus, high qualified staff, hardware experts & professionals. Our training aim to make technology easy to learn even for students who may be handling a pc for the first time to make their future secure.
  • Provide an intelligent flexible system of education to meet the challenges of access and equity and work towards development of knowledge based society.
  • Our content is 100% digitized, it is rich with multimedia, audio and video that allows the student to learn better.
  • “Age and qualification is no-bar here, because knowledge of computer is necessary for every person due to fast growing of technology and market. You can start learning in any age if you have some basic knowledge of English.”
  • We also teach you marketing, sales, HRD to increase your mind capabilities, so when you leave ETASI you not only are a qualified engineer but also ready to face life’s challenges, confidential and emerge-stronger and successful.
  • ETASI is emerging as a prospective leader in IT education and headed to establish a landmark in Education Industry. Quality thoughts & quality trend is driving the organization to adapt latest technology& techniques. Technological growth of students is perforated with personality traits, which make them an asset for any organization.
  • ETASI provide Latest modules of the course are implemented in the course curriculum so that student gets maximum benefit when he / she go for the job.
  • Centers are run by owners themselves and not by employees like other institutes. In other institute, the person teaching is only linked with the salary he or she gets without taking much pain in student’s problems, but here the centers are in the hands of owners themselves who take lot of care personally to solve student problems.
  • ETASI believes in sprit of business ethics, honest value to student commitments, fair play with the competitors & an urge to excel in the service of society and nation. ETASI is led by a team who strongly believe that prospering career of our students is the key to reputation and goodwill of the institution.
  • Team members at ETASI are specifically trained to maintain a future conscious training methodology enwrapped in caring & ethical culture.
  • As far as IT industry is concerned, old is obsolete. We are proactive to our vendors to launch their latest technology to be the first ones in country to introduce.
  • With our 100% Guaranteed Job Placement Program, ETASI offers to its students the most extensive job guarantee. It’s true. If you don’t land a job or not satisfied with your job, or even if it’s not what you want to do, you can come back to ETASI. And we won’t be satisfied until you’re happily employed. Please read and sign admission form for job guarantee.
  • ETASI’s short courses let you gain the specific required skill and certification. These international certificates are widely recognized by recruiters across the globe. These short term courses give you that additional edge in a short span of time and thus increases your employability For Diploma & Degree holders: one week, one month, 120 hours Project Training and Degree, Master degree students: 6 month industrial Project Training.
  • In our classes, you’ll reap the rewards of personalized attention and mentoring. Our student to faculty ratio is 1: 16 and 1:20. This enables our faculty to spend more time with our students for them to understand better. You learn from best in class teachers who take a hands-on role in guiding your career path.